Mission Statement

This is a tale of transformation…

It all starts with a barren 2 acre block in the arid Northern Flinders Ranges, South Australia and a somewhat decrepit 2 room 1870’s stone cottage. With a lot of hard work and a fair amount of magic, we are creating an oasis from these humble beginnings. Our aim is to be as self sufficient as possible, creating increased personal security in an increasingly unsettled world. The method of choice is permaculture with a helping of biodynamics and while the environment and the starting point mean that it will be a longer road than some similar projects it is by no means impossible.

Following you will find windows into our life as we transform our small piece of this ancient land – tales of creation, tree nurturing, animal wrangling, building, renovations and whatever else appears on our horizon…

I hope that by documenting our journey here we might act as inspiration to others who are interested in creating their own personal paradise but feel overwhelmed by the prospect – it really is possible to create a more sustainable and meaningful life no matter where you are.


2 thoughts on “Mission Statement

    • Thank you! I am hoping that I can get most of the plantings this year to survive the summer, then it will be easier to see the success from this end. It is amazingly beautiful here though… I’m not biased at all of course 🙂

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