Planting the West Hill

After I had finished replanting all the natives that we had lost on the front hill, the time had come to press on to new lands… namely the West Hill (this name may change if we think of something better 😉 )

This is one of the largest zones to be planted this year so it took me a few days to get it done. I also implemented on of our new strategies to ensure the success of these plantings – I laid the dripper line as I planted the trees. I still needed to wait to turn it on until I’d finished planting the whole zone so that it made a full circuit, but it did mean that they started recieving regular water pretty quickly…. all except the 15 our of 75 that our tiny header tank can not reach on the line. These need bucket watering which is a pain, but I’ve already requested a quote from a steel manufacturer for a tank stand for the new header tank which will be about 4 times the size so that will fix that.

These trees, when they survive, will make a massive difference to the shape and climate of our yard, and I am hopeful that I can get as many again planted this year – covering what I can of the circle and Hecate’s Hill as well as maybe re-planting some of the hedge lines by some driveways… it all has to be done by the equinox though for any chance of survival and the sooner the better.

West Hill Planting (1)

The first half of the west hill just after creation in May 2013

West Hill Planting (2)

The first half of the west hill before Earthworks 2 – having matured for a year and ready for planting

West Hill Planting (3)

West Hill a couple of weeks after planting – the green is the revitalised non-prickly native ground covers taking advantage of the tree drippers


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