The 2014 Planting Round Up

2014 Trees (1)

Left over trees, sorted and ready for pick-up

With the passing of the equinox my self-imposed cut off for this years planting has been reached. The weather is quickly warming up and the spring winds have set in (Today’s readings are around 30 degrees celcius and northerly wind gusts of 70km/hr) so any trees that would like even a fighting chance of survival really need to be settled into their roots by now. A couple of weeks ago all the trees that we were going to use this year were planted out and I sent the left over seedlings to other local homes.

With our losses last year (we had a survival rate of 4% out of 250 natives) we have been implementing a number of strategies in hopes of increasing the survivors by the end of the summer. I had hoped to have all of this work finished by the Equinox, but with the last tree guard placed yesterday afternoon we weren’t too far behind optimal schedule. Just in time it turns out as these warm to hot north winds in the spring were the cause of a great deal of last year’s losses.

The vital Planting Statistics for this year’s effort are:

2014 Trees (5)

Each of these trees has dripper irrigation, mulch and tree guards. Some of the areas the whole beds have been mulched but we’ll finish that over the coming weeks – at least the trees themselves are done.

You can spot the little pale green Trees for Life tree guards in the following photos if you look closely 🙂
2014 Trees (2)

2014 Trees (3)

2014 Trees (4)

Two survivors of last year’s plantings in the foreground with replacements for the ones that didn’t make it behind.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful Terrica who has been with us for the last two months and in that time has made a fantastic contribution. Planting fully half this years trees is just the beginning of the help she has been. We love our ‘Rica’ ❤


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