Saying Goodbye…

Having WWOOFers can be great; the improvement in productivity, the help with general things and the new friendships that can be built. However there comes a time when travellers must move on and then we have to say goodbye. Sometimes it’s quite hard – you’ve made a good friend and it feels like they could stay for a bit longer at least. This last weekend was one of those times.

Terrica arrived at the start of August and settled right in. She had been recommended by a close friend and it seemed meant to be – an easy fit with our family. And that girl, she can work! In the time that Terrica was here we achieved quite a lot and the vast majority of it was due to her fantastic efforts. A couple of examples of the achievements while she was here:


Before (Jan 2014)

Before (Jan 2014)

Terrica (2)

After (Oct 2014)

In the orchard the garden beds have been weeded, mattocked, sown with various seeds/seedlings and mulched to start the ‘under canopy’ garden. A low netting fence has been installed to deter the guinea fowl from the germinating green mulch and the bamboo fence repaired and extended.

Greater Bonfire Area

Terrica (3).jpg

Before (End May 2014)

Terrica (4)

After (Oct 2014)

This area is even more noticeable! everything on the other side of the driveway except the inital earthworks has pretty much been Terrica’s doing in the after image. Not just the date palms, but another two watering zones (‘west hedge’ and ‘windbreak’). Extensive tree planting, irrigation laying, mulching, edging rock collection and placement about covers what has happened in this zone – amazing transformation!


Of course that’s just two areas. In total Terrica planted around 120 native trees, laid irrigation for 5 new zones, helped plant 6 palm trees, sorted tons (literally) of rocks, weeded and cleaned the next layer of rusty wire/sardine can rubbish from vast tracts of garden beds, mulched, installed tree guards, looked after the house for nearly two weeks while we were away, took part in wrangling the 3 year old with good nature and helped grandma out no end… gosh we will miss her!

Aside from all of this she has become a grand friend and I have no doubt that we will keep in touch (and see her again).

Now the time has come to search for our next visitor, and in that aim I have set up a new page here – ‘WWOOFing with us’  which provides some more information about the program and a guestbook of our previous visitors. Check it out and let me know what you think 🙂


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