Bonfire Area

Sometimes it’s quite hard to keep the energy going after a really good WWOOFer leaves,  so I set myself a task to complete in the week after Terrica left: finish off the bonfire area.  This area had be designated for quite a while, it’s on the maps, but it wasn’t really on the list to get finished this year. However, after we put the palm trees in and then did the garden beds around them it seemed obvious that the zone was so close to being finished it just had to get done.

Bonfire Area (1)

Jan 2014 – the blank slate

Bonfire Area (2)

At the start of the week… almost there

Armed with the crowbar, shovel and wheelbarrow, I set out to shape the fire pit that would be the centrepiece of the area. Sometimes I think I must subconsciously love digging – I certainly seem to do a lot of it!

Bonfire Area (3) Bonfire Area (4) Bonfire Area (5) Bonfire Area (6) Bonfire Area (7) Bonfire Area (8) Bonfire Area (9)

 I dug the terraces and then smoothed them to a bowl shape for the main pit and then to the house side, I dug out a ‘hungi pit’ for ground oven cooking. Then of course I had to fill it back up… I filled the hungi completely with sand which is the preferred cooking medium and will be much easier to dig out when we want to use it and put a layer of the same sand in the main bowl. I used the rest of the shale in that area to raise up the mound around the pit and there we go – done!

Bonfire Area (10)

Bonfire Area (11)

Now all we need to do is find suitable logs for seating and this zone is off the list until the palm trees get big enough to encourage additional plantings… oh, and the bridge from the house of course… but that’s for another day.


3 thoughts on “Bonfire Area

    • Thanks! I know what you mean about it being hard to wait, but starting to finish some areas is helpful. For me it’s more about keeping the energy up to have good progress – if I can see it transforming into what I have imagined I feel encouraged to continue 🙂

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