2014 – 2015 Progress Report

The year has turned again and seeing I took a raft of progress photos at the start of January 2014 it made sense to take the same angles again and see what progress has been made in the previous year. All in all, there seems to have been a lot of major changes in the yard and some areas are finally finished! A quick highlight run of things ticked off the ‘to do’ list goes like this:

  • All major earthworks for gardens
  • Shed tank in and immediate area landscaped
  • Start of the main creek & waterfall done
  • Bonfire area finished (only lacking seating)
  • First section of Windbreak finished
  • Front Hill and West Hill fully planted
  • Orchard extended, bamboo fence completed
  • New tank stand in place (finish that this week coming)
  • Shed storage area cleared and packed
  • Outdoor bathroom area prepared first level
  • Shed significantly cleaned out
  • Current loss rate for natives VERY low 🙂
  • Log bridge across lake from circle to island.

Still a long way to go, but getting there 😀 Thanks to everyone who has helped in the last year, and here’s to just as much productivity in the coming months…


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