The growth of a stone wall

Last year, when we put the shed tank in I used the larger stones we cleared from the space to begin a sculptural stone wall that will one day stretch from the shed tank, to the front fence-line and then along the front of the block. This project has been envisioned as a way to use up a lot of the stone on the property that is not a suitable shape or size for building neat structural walls. It is also as a way to reference the history of the site – there was a 6 foot high stone wall across the front and down the north-east side, with a stone walled goat enclosure in the back corner. These walls have long since fallen down but their remnants create a mound on those fence-lines that is filled with usable stones. My start on the wall can be seen below:

Shed Tank 2 (3)The century plants in the wall were gifted to me a couple of years ago and I have a number more, it’s great to get them in their final positions so they can grow properly. With the supply of stone from the tank placement used up the project went into pause mode until this year.

Fran had cleared the storage area behind the shed and in the process she had unearthed and moved a lot of stones suitable for this purpose, as had Terrica and I while sorting the stones for the bathroom area, meaning that the project could restart when we had a good window for it.

Eline returning and Kellie arriving for an extended stay it seemed the perfect time to use the sculptural dry stone walling as a stepping stone to the other, structural, stone work that is on the list. So, Eline & Kellie got stuck into clearing the space for the next section and I built a little bit more as an example of the method for Kellie.

Kellie's Wall (1)

They were clearing machines! In the time Eline was here they cleared almost all the way to the front fence and I was able to lay out a general guide for how the wall should go, incorporating a fantastic idea of Kellie’s on the way :). Then I left to join Noven in the Solomon Islands for 3 weeks, and Eline moved on to her next project, leaving Kellie to hold the fort and continue building the wall.

On my return a beautiful sight awaited me:

Kellie's Wall (2)

Kellie did a fantastic job! It’s really starting to show what it will look like as it grows and I love how the character of the stonework in Kellie’s section is different to mine – I can see how each person is going to be able to add their personal touch to the concept 🙂

Kellie's Wall (4) Kellie's Wall (3)

Thank you Kellie, especially for your addition of the seat of cacti garden contemplation, you’ve certainly made your mark on our home!

Kellie's Wall (5)

Now we’ve moved on to doing some work with mortar, but that’s a tale for another time….


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