Header Tank

At the start of the year we finally managed to get our new Header Tank Stand installed, but of course, the next step is to get a tank on top of it… 3.5m up in the air.

Luckily our little tank that we have been using to run all the water systems apart from one drinking water tap near the house is small enough that it seemed reasonable to be able to transfer it from it’s old, lower stand to the new one without the use of heavy machinery.

Of course nothing is ever that simple and just getting it disconnected from the old (rather dodgy) plumbing was a mission that involved angle grinders, liberal applications of RP7 and CLR and massive Stilsens to try and get some leverage on the old, seized up fittings that meant the plumbing went down from 25mm to 13mm and then back up to 25mm – causing a major loss in pressure in the system straight away. However, with some perseverance and the use of many muscles Noven and his Father managed to get it all down and disconnected.

The next step was for me to clean out the nearly 20 years of accumulated calcium sediment from our well water. there were 2 and a half buckets of it – no wonder we had to turn the system off every time we filled up the tank to allow the bits to settle so it would work at all! Getting that out means that the system can start working as soon as there is water in it.

Then it was all hands on deck – Noven, Noven’s Mother and Father, Kellie and I – to tackle raising the tank to the new stand. It was a saga of ropes, props and lots of pushing and pulling with everyone playing their part to finally get it up there:

Header Tank (1)

Header Tank (2)

Header Tank (3)Lastly there was the plumbing; running a new, cleaner line from the well pump and hooking the outlet straight into the backbone irrigation line with no decrease of pipe gauge. Fantastic!

Header Tank (4)Turn on the pump and it’s all in action! We’ve at least doubled our water pressure! Everything works that much better making for much happier trees that are easier to maintain – a win all around.

We will need to get a new tank eventually, this one is about a 5th of the size of the one the stand is made for and the larger volume of water up there will improve the pressure again but that can wait until it’s convenient as this will keep us going quite happily for a while yet 🙂

Header Tank (5)

Look at that tiny tank all the way up there! So cute! Also, note the old, empty tank stand structure…. that will be going some day soon and what a difference that will make!


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