Ngatina 2015

I am Ngatina, and together with my young son (Aurelius) I live in Outback South Australia on 2 acres in a heritage listed town, where my family has had a connection for 6 generations now. I am in the slow process of renovating our small stone cottage and creating an oasis of arid lands permaculture gardens with view to self sufficiency.

Personally, I am an artist, author and druid. I am particularly interested in learning about my local environment, its history and the secrets held in its mountains and trees. I hope to reflect my learning in the gardens that will surround our home and I approach the building process in a sculptural manner, with the aim of creating a peaceful and plentiful environment in which to live with my family (and to receive regular visits from our friends).

We currently share our lives with an English Staffy (Cerberus), cat (Morrigan), a flock of Plymouth Rock Chickens, a flock of Guinea Fowl (I think this is known as a stupid ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), various small birds (zebra finches, quails and lovebirds) and a beleaguered tank of tropical fish.

If you would like to WWOOF with us, check out the information HERE or if you want to contact us for any other reason, please use the form below:


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