Where is Beltana…. and why would you live there?

The simple answer is that Beltana Β isΒ home for me. My maternal family have a strong connection to this place and I feel that connection deep in my soul so it is the obvious choice for where I want to live. I am 5th generation of my family who has been involved in this town and for Australia that’s about as much as you can have when you are descended from English stock.

Where is this place though? and what does it mean to live here?

Well, Beltana is a small (read population 12) town in what most people would call the Outback of South Australia, approximately 550kms north of Adelaide. It is situated in the arms of one of the oldest extant geological formations in the world – the Flinders Ranges. This stunning landscape shows it’s age in the weathered ranges with it’s rocky outcrops and the parched, skeletal soils that support a fragile ecosystem of mainly Acacia and Eucalyptus species that are naturally grazed by kangaroos and emus. We get an average rainfall of approximately 250mm (8 inches) and have extreme temperature swings of anywhere between -10C overnight in winter to 54C in the height of summer, so there are some challenges.

It also means that we live in an idyllic location with stunning views and a powerful energy, surrounded by a town that still maintains it’s pioneering charm due to being Heritage listed so all the buildings look somewhat as they did at the turn of last century. We have plenty of space, clean water and air and are far enough from busy industrialised centres that we are unlikely to be bothered by anything that happens to the cities in the uncertain times ahead, provided of course we can get everything prepared as best we can for the challenges to come, with a changing climate, lessening food security the world around and rampant overpopulation. This little piece of paradise is our active solution for the future and we are more than happy to share our experiences with travellers who come through as part of the WWOOFing programme and others who are interested in living more sustainably.

For further information about Beltana and the Flinders Ranges these links might be of use