Passing in the Night

On Saturday, Bill Mollison, co-founder of the Permaculture movement passed from this life. 

While I don’t usually feel the need to comment on the passing of someone I have never actually met, it seems fitting to write something here to recognise this visionary man and the inspiration he has given many, including us here at Casa Indomitus. 

By sharing his dream of a human world that could support itself sustainably and bountifully Bill created a community of people who work diligently towards that end and that community grows larger and stronger each day. He was so right when he said that,

“…it’s a revolution. But it’s the sort of revolution that no one will notice. It might get a little shadier. Buildings might function better. You might have less money to earn because your food is all around you and you don’t have any energy costs. Giant amounts of money might be freed up in society so that we can provide for ourselves better. So it’s a revolution. But permaculture is anti-political. There is no room for politicians or administrators or priests. And there are no laws either. The only ethics we obey are: care of the earth, care of people, and reinvestment in those ends.”

As we carry out our own ‘quiet revolution’ here in the ancient land, I honour the teacher who has passed on so much knowledge and inspiration. 

Vale Bill Molison, 1928 – 2016.