Shed Storage… Stage one COMPLETE!

A fair bit happened in December, including us going to Brisbane for two weeks over the holiday period. There were a couple of jobs that had been worked on for the last few months and now that I am back and have a fair bit of help, we are getting them finalised which is great 🙂 One of the first jobs to be finished this year has been the first stage of the shed storage area.

When the whole zone around the shed tank got finished we decided that it would be nice to clear the space behind the shed, next to the fence, and store all the maybe future useful building materials that have amassed in various areas of the block. It was a big job though – necessitating the excavation of a further section of the old stone wall. The extent of the job can be seen in the image below. I didn’t remember to take a good before shot, but this gives you a general idea of the shape of the land between the shed and fence (at the back of the hole):

Shed Tank 1 (2)Terrica started the work, but went on to other, more important projects. Then came Fran. She stayed for 7 weeks and got a lot of jobs done – bamboo fences, trenching pipes across driveways, moving tank stands and then, the biggest task of all: clearing the area behind the shed. Fran got really stuck into it and did a fantastic job, I came home to this:

Shed Storage (3)

Fran had to move on to her new location (we will miss you!!) and I brought home Eline for a return visit and our new WWOOFer, Kellie. We got stuck into sorting all the rubbish from the piles around the yard and then shifting all of the useful items and stacking them neatly in the new space.


Shed Storage (2)     Shed Storage (1)


Shed Storage (5)    Shed Storage (4)

     New Storage Area

Shed Storage (7)

Shed Storage (6)So, it still needs a roof and some actual racks to be totally finished but the improvement is so vast that I can’t help but feel very satisfied 🙂