WWOOFing with us

Willing Workers On Organic Farms (WWOOF) Program

“WWOOF is a worldwide movement linking volunteers with organic farmers and growers to promote cultural and educational experiences based on trust and non-monetary exchanges, helping to build a sustainable global community.”

“WWOOFing gives you the opportunity to work on Australian Organic Farms, exchanging 4 – 6 hours work per day for your meals and accommodation, usually in the family home”

from the WWOOF Australia website

We are WWOOF  hosts (SA329)

We are in the early stages of renovating our house and setting up permaculture gardens with view to self sufficiency and this is a really big job. As a self employed family with a young child, the help we get from WWOOFers greatly increases our movement through the sometimes overwhelming ‘to do’ list. Most of the current work is landscaping and building, with some tree propagation and planting in their season and of course the general chores of watering, feeding animals and weeding. On the job basic training is provided and our visitors always learn new skills! We love having wwoofers because each new person brings something to our home – everyone has the thing they are best at and enjoy the most and it’s great to see where our energy goes and how things evolve while we get to know a new friend.

We prefer wwoofers who can stay for 4 weeks and there is sometimes the opportunity to house sit – to really experience living in the outback!

If you are interested in WWOOFing with us, please contact me through the WWOOF forum. Registered WWOOFers only – this covers your workers compensation insurance so it’s in your best interests to sign up and pay the minimal fee.

Our advertisement in the current Australian WWOOF Book is as follows:

Casa Indomitus (The Untamed Cottage) is a small, basic stone cottage in heritage-listed town of Beltana (pop. 12) nestled in the northern Flinders Ranges. Join our young alternative family on our journey to self sustainability transforming 2 acres of desert land into an oasis. Current work is mainly landscaping, stone work, tree planting & propagation. WWOOFers with stone masonry knowledge esp welcome. Please be aware of the climate Nov-March-very hot. Accom for 2 in nearby building or BYO camping on our block.Children b.a. Mixed diet, shared with Hosts. NSI. Prefer min stay 4 weeks neg.


WWOOFer Guestbook

TessaDATE: 13/11/2015 – 04/01/2016
NAME: Tessa
HOME COUNTRY: The Netherlands
MESSAGE: Thank you for the experience, I got a lot out of it. I loved to have an own space at the art gallery and the freedom to make myself at home. You are relaxed people who give everyone their space, what I appreciate very much. I wish you all the best and enjoy the creation to make this place even nicer. And keep up the good spirit!


Marie, Ray & Peter

DATE: 18/08/2015 – 22/08/2015
NAME: Marie, Ray & Peter
MESSAGE: It was a rare pleasure to meet a young family, who are vitally interested in improving your home & surroundings whilst protecting the planet & also contributing so much to the community & history of the village of Beltana, best wishes for all of your projects

DATE: 02/07/2015 – 26/07/2015
NAME: Lucio
MESSAGE: I had to make the fire for at least one hour for having the hot water for the shower. I could have an experience that I never had in my life.



DATE: 05/01/2015 – 04/04/2015
NAME: Kellie
MESSAGE: At first I wasn’t really looking forward to ‘standing still’ for 3 whole months so I could get my visa but in the end there wasn’t much stillness involved and I had an experience I wouldn’t change or trade. I learnt so much and tried my hand at so many new things. Thank you for always being generous and patient and for making this unforgettable. I’ll see you and Aurelius at the wedding(s)!!

DATE: 05/01/2015 – 18/01/2015
NAME: Eline
HOME COUNTRY: Netherlands
MESSAGE: Next time, I’ll come back in wintertime! 2.5 years from now to give you time to impress me with improvements like this time! It’s amazing what you’ve accomplished in the last 2 years!


DATE: 17/11/2014 – 07/01/2015
NAME: Fran
MESSAGE: Thanks so much for having me, it was such an intense and wonderful time with all of you. The garden will be so lush in a few more years time, it will be even more stunning. Hope to come back some when in the future to get blown away by all your achievements. Take care, Fran.

DATE: 07/08/2014 – 24/10/2014
NAME: Terrica
MESSAGE: I’ll be back ❤



KirbysDATE: 21/07/2014 – 25/07/20014
NAME:The Kirby Family
MESSAGE: Thanks for letting us stay, such a nice place, loved the Quandong Pie and Guiness Stew!
We loved helping with the shade house and will definitely be stealing your techniques, thanks for everything.


SenaDATE: 28/04/2014 – 24/05/2014
NAME: Sena
MESSAGE: Thank you for great memory Ngatina, Noven and Aurelius. I’m happy I can meet kind person and see beautiful Flinders Ranges NP every day. I’m glad that I came here!!!



Christiaan & JadeDATE: 20/02/2014 – 23/03/2014
NAME: Christiaan & Jade
HOME COUNTRY:  Guernsey Channel Islands
MESSAGE: Thank you for having us and trusting us with your home. It’s been an interesting experience which has given us stories to tell. Wish you the best for the future. Your home will be just as you pictured it to us. Good Luck!


JessDATE: 10/01/2014 – 22/03/2014
NAME: Jess
MESSAGE: Thank you so much for having me Ngatina, Noven, Aurelius, Cerberus, Morpheus, Morrigan, birds and fish! I have had an amazing time and been made very welcome by you all and grandma too! Lovely food, trips, chats, projects and super chilled siesta lifestyle! I have had a great time and will keep in touch over facebook, I cant wait to see how you all get on! Add me to the ‘coming-back-for-a-nosey-in-10-years’ list!

MinaDATE: 10/01/2014 – 05/02/2014
NAME: Mina
MESSAGE: Thank you very much for being with me, Ngatina, Noven and Aurelius. ⭐ I could have many great experiences which are impossible in Japan and in the city. and I understand why you chose to live here even though you’d been many places. There are only a few people and little water, but you could find a good place to stay, beautiful stones and happiness? 😀 I love this place. I was happy to stay here 🙂 Thank you ❤ ❤ ❤

DATE: 07/11/2013 – 07/12/2013

DATE: 27/09/2013 – 29/10/2013
NAME: Renato
MESSAGE: “You would miss Adelaide, but the Flinders Ranges are a magnificent area that are well worth adding to your trip”
That’s how you closed the email when you first contacted me. Thank you for this unique experience, somehow extreme, somehow isolated, really friendly with gorgeous landscapes and never boring. Definitely one of the most genuine Australian experiences till today.

GiulianoDATE: 08/07/2013 – 22/07/2013
NAME: Giuliano
MESSAGE: Thanks for having me. You are really interesting people. Happy and fun people that enjoy the time in this far place. Beltana, it’s a wonderful place of this world. New ideas and new perspectives; these are the things that I’ll carry with me. Some have been really intense experiences! Thanks again.

Peter & NolaniDATE: 20/06/2013 – 07/07/2013
NAME: Peter & Nolani
MESSAGE: Thank you for a wonderfully interesting WWOOFing experience. You are all so generous and happy – a real pleasure to be around. We have felt like part of the family. You’re creating a truely magical home – keep up the energy – it will be worth it!!
Thank you for giving us a great experience, sharing your love of this magical area.

TobyDATE: 24/04/2013 – 17/05/2013
NAME: Toby
MESSAGE: Thank you for everything. Including letting me drive the Hilux, the good food and beer, that I could be part of your family for almost a month, that you were always in a good mood. Just thank you for the great Outback experience.


Tim & ElineDATE: 05/11/2012 – 12/01/2013
NAME: Tim & Eline
HOME COUNTRY: The Netherlands
MESSAGE: Thanks for this amazing adventure we had in and around Beltana! We do love your easy-going and damn optimistic point of view! This is something that we’ll take with us and take as an example for the rest of our lives.



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